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「抬頭吧! 低頭族!」- 智能耳筒App

RTHK Filming
Chun Hei CHAN

RTHK Filming

We went to RTHK to participate in the filming of 「Harry哥哥好鄰居」on 19/5(SAT).

On that day, we gave an introduction and showcased the current functions and features of the our product. We also pointed out the difficulties we are facing right now.

「抬頭吧! 低頭族!」- 智能耳筒App「抬頭吧! 低頭族!」- 智能耳筒App

Our current functions:

  1. When the user looks down for 10 minutes, a notification will be sent to the user's phone.
  2. The app can teach the user how to do relaxation exercises when he/she looks down for 10 minutes.
  3. When young users look down for too long in one day, a message will be sent to their parents via SMS.
  4. Parents can check the time that their children have been looking down on their smartphones.
  5. A bar chart will record the amount of time that the user looks down in a week.
  6. Points will be awarded to the user every time he/she successfully completes the relaxation exercise.
  7. Accumulated points can be used to redeem coupons and rewards.

Our difficulties:

  1. We need sponsors for our coupons, such as restaurants, fast food shops and insurance companies.
  2. We need some professionals to help teach us how to manufacture an accelerometer and earphone specifically based on our design in order to make it smaller.

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