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What is DNACPR?

According to the Resuscitation Council UK, Do-Not-Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (or DNACPR) is "to provide immediate guidance to those present (mostly healthcare professionals) on the best action to take (or not take) should the person suffer cardiac arrest or die suddenly". DNACPR applicants can state what action the doctors should or shouldn't take if they are in a vegetative state.

Why the Current DNACPR is flawed?

1.Elongated Apllication Process
Applicants need to fill out several different forums, and meet with healthcare officials, in order to apply for DNACPR.

2.Low Reliability
Currently, many DNACPR applicants from around the world are complaining about how little communication and documentation there is for DNACPR. Documents on DNACPR are often lost or discarded after a long duration. So your application for DNACPR might not be effective after a long time.

Inspiration came from

A nurse's husband shared a story of the struggles of DNACPR

How do we start from 0 to 1

We had only the basic knowledge of php at first, but we gradually got better at it, wrote the script and finally fully understood how php works.

The challenge we encountered

We need to learn php, the ways of making ad videos and making the website look intriguing and interesting.

The resources we needed

We need a server to host the website.

who are we

Hello! We are 'My Life; My Choice.'. We are a group of S3 students from HKCCCU Logos Academy.

  • Vasudev Karunakaran
  • Hayden Leung
  • Spencer Liu
  • Christian Quach
  • Andrew Chan
  • Jason Lee



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