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E21 Rainbow Playhouse




The Story

E21 Rainbow Playhouse

The story begins here in our school backyard. We are using this place for different purposes like playground for students during the recess, outdoor activities, car parking and etc. During the recess time, I have observed students for quite a long time. As you can see it is quite a big empty place for students to run and play during the recess time.

E21 Rainbow Playhouse

According to the news articles, Hong Kong primary school students spend as long as 10 hours at school. During the 10 hours of stay in school, the students learn from the class as well as from the play time.

On top of that, after 10 hours of stay in the school when they are back home they do not have adequate playground to play outdoor near their home. Christ Yuen Hon-Cheong, Playground environment consultant with the group, said most playgrounds, though safe and with satisfactory access for children with disabilities, lacked diversity and discouraged the inborn urge of children to take on challenges and interact.

E21 Rainbow Playhouse

Also, there are many researchers out in the world supports play as learning.

Having a playhouse will offer various levels of challenges to students of different age and allow social interaction with others.

So our group were thinking about the ways to utilize the play time and the empty backyard.

Yes, it was the playhouse!

E21 Rainbow Playhouse

We have shared and discussed We have shared and discussed on having a playhouse in our school. I have asked students one question "Why do you want to build a playhouse in our school?". The answer was touching and impressive. One boy said, he does not want to see his friends get hurt and cry. They easily get hurt as they are constantly running without looking around. He mentioned that if we have the playhouse many students can enjoy the recess time more and more! It will also give them a safe playing environment compare to the bare cement floor.

I have received some similar answers like they want to have different places to play not just running and catching each other.

So, I have asked students to draw the playhouse that they want to have. They have used their imagination and creativity to draw it out.

E21 Rainbow Playhouse

Base on the drawing we have started to build a miniature model.

First, we went to the Start-up Lab in our school where they can find a lot of Lego to build a house.

E21 Rainbow Playhouse

E21 Rainbow Playhouse

Then we have collected recycle and waste materials to try it out.

From this stage, our students have learnt that they need to find the suitable materials that can stand for different weather and weight of our students.

So we came up with an idea of bamboo! Bamboo has been used as a good building materials as it is strong, renewable and non-polluting materials.

Now, it’s time to build a real bamboo playhouse!

What We Need?

E21 Rainbow Playhouse

· Bamboo

· Architect

· Constructor (Workforce)

· Recycled plastic strings (will be supported by Miss Wu’s DreamStarter group)

Who Are We?

E21 Rainbow Playhouse

Teacher: Miss Lee

Students: Flora, Ken, Donna, Sally, Ray, Annie, Andy, Gavin, Melody and Horus.​​​​​​​

Thank you for visiting our DreamStarter page, please support us with a contribution to make our students’ dream come true!

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