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Take You Everywhere

We are going to create a Youtube Channel about how to make different types of paperplane.
Take You Everywhere

WHY we have this idea?

In the first lesson, teacher asked the students, "What is your dream?"

Take You Everywhere

Most of the students answered that, " I want to fly!"

Take You EverywhereTherefore, we wanted to "fly" by making a paperplane. 

Take You Everywhere

WHO is our target audience?

Since we know that everyone, especially children, may have a wish to "fly", by combining youtube and paperplane, we hope we can take our audience to everywhere by our video and spread an idea of "Everyone can achieve their dream".

WHAT are the Resource and manpower that we need?

Paperplane Master

Even though we are the newbie of paperplane, we have a lot of idea on designing different types of paperplane, for example, a paperplane that can fly in a zip-zap or up-and-down pattern. Therefore, Paperplane Masters are needed to teach us how to create the tailor-made paperplane.


Since good editing of video is crucial in a Youtube channel, we hope any creative, caring and generous Youtuber can come to our school and teach us how to take and edit a eye-catching video.

WHO are we?

We are the teacher and students (G1-2) from St. Hilary Primary School. 

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Paperplane Master 摺飛機大師
Since we are creating a Paperplane Youtube Channel and some students have some special ideas on designing the paperplane, we need some paperplane master to turn our dream come true.



Take You Everywhere 發起人

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