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Food for Thought

Eating green vegetables is vital for brain development in children. We will help provide low income students with more vegetables to eat during lunch to help grow their minds.
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Food for Thought

Inspiration came from

Our students were initially inspired by Food Angel's mission to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger by providing meals to those in need. Our students noticed the amount of food waste from students at school during lunch time. They were unaware that many students in Hong Kong may not have the opportunity to enjoy such a well-balanced, nutritious lunch because they are from low income families. When they learned that eating green vegetables is good for the brain development in children, they wanted to ensure that all students have an opportunity to eat green vegetables for lunch so they can fill their growing minds with knowledge in the classroom.    

What social problems do you solve?

We intend to reduce the amount of food waste in Hong Kong and to provide low income students with a free portion of green vegetables for lunch. 

How do we start from 0 to 1

We will need to collect donated vegetables from wholesalers, markets and other food charities. Then, we will pitch our idea to noodle shops, restaurants and street food vendors around Mong Kok to agree to receive an inventory of vegetables to be portioned out to students for free who make a food purchase during lunch.    

The challenge we encountered

The challenges will be getting local establishments to participate, even though there will will no overhead food cost on their end, and getting schools to agree to provide us with numbers of low income students, as these students will be given a card to show they are eligible to receive free vegetables.  

The resources we need

We will need donations of surplus green vegetables that would otherwise be wasted, the participation of local noodle shops, restaurants and street food vendors that are frequented by students during lunch, promotional material, eligibility card material, and media coverage.  

Who are we

We are Food for Thought from VNSAA St. Hilary's School

Our team is comprised of Mr. Ryan, Joy, Constance, Ian, Alex, Sum Yee, Hindley, Mackenzie, Hayden, Shing Hei, Winston, Andre, and Long Kiu. 

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