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Mega Toys

The idea of Mega Toys is to let children play some games and do some workout at the same time. Mega Toys is your best choice!
LING Yuen Han (Candy) - 項目發起人
Mega Toys

Inspiration came from

(Our group finds that children work too hard in Hong Kong. They spend too much time on homework and attending to tutorial classes. They do not have enough play time to relax every day. To make it simple, we want to make some games for everyone to play at recess , but they are not just some simple board games. We are going to UPSIZE them. With one little step , we can turn the simple board games to be more fun! Have you ever thought of being the flight in Flight Chess? Have you ever thought of playing Jenga with your whole body to support instead of your two fingers? It's not just about the strategies how you can win the game, you would also need to have a strong body and energy so you can finish the game on your own.

What social problems do you solve?

According to UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, "That every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts." We strongly believe that children should have a balance in learning and playing. Students are having too much stress in school so we want to make some Mega Toys for our schoolmates  and kindergarten friends to play in the first stage. Once we have produced more and more of different kinds of Mega Toys, we would plan to open to the public and share Mega Toys with them. "Play and Sport are Every Child's Right."

How do we start from 0 to 1

1.  We did some research on the games that we can upsize.
2.  We tested play different games , see which would be more interesting and fun to play.
3.  We planned the size and the design of the games we have chosen. (Flight Chess, Jenga, Marble Run)
4.  We think about the materials we can use. ( Preferably using recycling materials)
5.  How can we make or build the Mega Toys? WE NEED THE EXPERTS , yes your support please!)

The challenge we encountered

  1. We do not know how to build the Mega Toys.
  2. We are not sure how to choose the suitable materials for making Mega Toys.
  3. We would like to have make our Mega Toys more attractive and nicer, how can we make the design better? 
  4. Are the games we chose really possibly be enlarged / upsized?

The resources we needed

  1. We have already got the idea and the draft design on hand, however we need some experts to let us know if our idea gonna work or not.
  2. We need some experts to teach us the skills of building the Mega Toys.
  3. We need some experts to show us how to make the Mega Toys nicer. (we need some designers for your professional advice)
  4. We need some experts to teach us how to ensure the Mega Toys are safe for children to play with. ( Play Safely)

who are we

We are "Team Mega Toys" from VNSAA St. Hilary's Primary School.
2E GAO Jur Feng
2E HO Hei Yi Breanna
2E JEMMA  Humphrey
2E LAM Mia Ebby
2F CHAN Lok Hang Lucian 
2F CHAN Wing Fung
3E TAI Chun Hei Alvin
3E TSUI Tsz Yuen
3E WONG Hong
3E YEUNG Chin Hoi
3E CHONG Chi Yat
3E YUE Shing Ho
3E Huang Lam
4C CHIU Tsang Hei (Chanel)
4C CHOI Chun Hong Javis
4C Emily Marie Kane

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Materials for making Mega Toys
We need the materials for build our toys but we need some experts to let us know what and how to choose.
We need some engineers and designers especially for making toys to support us.



Mega Toys 發起人

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