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Faeces Helper

Solve Hong Kong's Dog Poo Problem.
Karl Philips - 項目發起人
Faeces Helper

Faeces HelperDid you know that there are an estimated 65,000 licensed dogs in Hong Kong and an unknown number of wild/feral dogs which produce an estimated 10,000 tonnes of faeces per year.

Faeces HelperThe problem starts when owners forget to clean up after their animals and the waste products are left on the street for people to step in. Have you ever stepped in dog poo? Those who have will recognize the problems involved with cleaning the shoe(s) afterwards. Apart from the smell, removing dog poo is a smelly, revolting and difficult task as this waste product sticks to the tread of the shoe and often has to be scraped out with a stick or removed with a brush. A second and more serious problem is the possible consequences for health especially for young children.

Faeces Helper

Inspired by

If you've ever stepped in dog faeces (dog poo), you'll know what a smelly and difficult thing it is to clean. But this is a problem no one wants to talk about!

Solve what social problem

Walking around the smaller roads and alleys of Hong Kong you will often see that some kind person has placed a leaf or a piece of paper over a lump of dog faeces; however, this is only a partial solution. We would like to influence dog owners and members of the public to do more. 

Faeces Helper

How do we start from 0 to 1

Analyse the problem(s) and possible solutions

Faeces Helper

The challenge we encountered

Everyone is disgusted by this problem and the main challenge is to decide whether the public, if provided with the suitable free facilities would be prepared to cooperate and clean up dog faeces left in their streets. In short, could the Hong Kong public be persuaded (in a media campaign) to do this.

The second challenge is to find a cheap way of providing a free, clean easy way for the public to participate and help.

Resources and manpower required

who are we

LAU Hoi Ching, MAN Yu Sing, CHOW Tin Hang Travis TANG Yuen Ying, SU Yan Ho, CHAN Yizheng, CHENG Ying Hei, CHEONG Yat Yau Ian, HSU Ho Wah, KO Ting Yu, CHAN Sze Ching Ashley, LI Pak Yin, Karl Philips

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Require advice on public health issues, advertising, designing disposable paper products



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