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Songs for Support

Raising awareness through music and songwriting.
Adrian O'Sullivan - 項目發起人
Songs for Support

Inspiration came from

Our group of twelve young dreamers were concerned about the welfare of those without a safe place to stay in the wake of Typhoon Mangkhut.

After hundreds of homes were affected and countless trees were uprooted, our G1 students worried about what security and comfort could be made available to those sleeping on the streets and park benches and those on the brink of poverty.

After discussing how different our privileged lives were, the group decided they wanted to do something to make life better for the homeless in Hong Kong.

Songs for Support

What social problems do you solve?

We want to support those without homes or suffering food insecurity in the local area. We want to connect local civic organisations and NGOs to improve networking and provide a better safety net for those less well off.

How do we start from 0 to 1

As we are only a group of 13 people, most of whom are under 7 years old, we know that we cannot tackle the problem alone. Instead we want to raise awareness and generate support for organisations already working in these areas. We want to amplify the voices of those living with housing insecurity - that's why we will go to the streets and sing!

The challenge we encountered and the resources we need

As a group we are still writing our songs but we need a lot of support to perform our music on the street. Musicians, equipment and logistical materials are a necessity when busking and our goal is to fund raise as well as collect non-perishable goods to support local homeless shelters.

Songs for Support

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Songs for Support 發起人

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