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We want to design teaching materials for students with dyslexia to assist their learning with hands-on experiences
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Dyslexics Dream World



We watched a video about the difficulties that SEN students face in normal schools in Hong Kong. Many of those students don't feel being understood and frustrated for not being about to learn like others. Even worse, some teachers and fellow schoolmates label them as 'lazy' without truly realizing their situations and challenges. Gradually they feel not liking schools anymore, or even hating themselves for being incapable of keeping pace with others.


When we gathered more information, we found that most SEN students are normal in IQ but just need to learn in other ways. Since dyslexia takes about 80% of SEN problems, we have decided to focus on this aspect.

We plan in this project, that we can make use of 3D printing technology, to make 3D Chinese words that most dyslexic students make mistakes about. Then, they can learn writing and recognizing the words better by touching the words for real.



'Integrated Education (融合教育)' has brought many SEN students to the normal school stream, hoping to let them blend more in the society setting. However, the inadequate training for teachers, the lack of specialized teaching materials, as well as insufficient public education for normal students about SEN, altogether bring negative impacts to the school life of SEN students, influencing their self-esteem, competence and social life. 


This is not a problem with dead ends. We can provide quality and fair education to SEN students, by providing what they need to them. That is why we are making teaching materials to help them learn.


Many of us barely had understandings about what SEN was before. We kept on watching interviews and TV programs about dyslexia, and searched information to realize what dyslexia is, the reason of having dyslexia, how it affects learning and ways to help the dyslexics. 


When we start to understand more about dyslexia, we start to have more empathy to put ourselves in the shoes of SEN students. 


1) We need a SEN organization to send parents of dyslexic child(ren) and a dyslexic student to give us a talk about dyslexia, let us understand dyslexic students' learning difficulties and their feelings more.

2) We need support for buying 3D printing pen/ machine to make the materials.


3) We need Chinese teachers to give us more information about common Chinese words that dyslexic students may fail to write commonly. So we can make a common wrong words table (錯字表).



We are a group of grade 4-6 students from St. Hilary's Primary School! :)

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Dyslexics Dream World 發起人

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