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Hamster Housing Crisis (DSP_096204)

We want to build a Hamster House
Ho Oscar Yuk Yu - 項目發起人
Hamster Housing Crisis (DSP_096204)

Our Inspiration came from:

One student wanted to build a home for her hamster. 

What social problems do you solve?

Whilst there's no actual housing crisis for hamsters like there is for Hongkongers, one can't help but also wonder whether or not the size of one's living area has an impact their happiness. I'm sure we've all dreamed of having larger houses and I think for some people, the size of one's living space could be a factor in determining one's happiness. For hamsters, their cage is basically their world. Did you know that some hamster cages sold in shops don't provide adequate space for hamsters? We would like to create a sizeable hamster house; however, to promote sustainable living, we would like to do so out of recyclable materials. 

How did we get here?

We started off exploring different types of STEM projects such as paper roller-coasters, marshmallow bridges; and whilst some students were really into that, others weren't. The suggestion was made to create a house for animals and I think that creating a hamster house was a suitable compromise. Students have started brainstorming different ideas such as using recycled plastic bottles to create hamster tunnels. 


The resources we need:

We need recyclable materials; people with knowledge on how to construct homes for hamsters (Engineers); people with knowledge on how to re-purpose recyclable materials. 

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Hamster Housing Crisis (DSP_096204) 發起人

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