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A Life Size Maze

A maze that kids can walk through, with some interesting twists.
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A Life Size Maze

The students wanted to have some more options for play during recess. But, they didn't just want a boring, generic maze.

The students will have another option than simply running around outside during recess. They would also like to create little puzzles and obstacles to incorporate into the maze. It'll increase their physical activity, as well as their creativity when they create the puzzles themselves.

The barebones idea is to make a maze out of cardboard boxes. For that basic plan, they need to be able to design a viable maze. Cardboard boxes are easy to find and easy to manipulate, but what happens when it rains?
Also, what happens when they go through the maze once or twice and have memorized it? The more ambitious goal would be to build some kind of modular system where the students can design the maze and then easily change it from time to time. Ideally it could be used outside where it could withstand the elements

The students came up with the idea when asked about things at school they wished they could change. They wanted a variety or activities during recess, and this was one option they came up with.

As far as resources that we need, money is always welcome. But most importantly, we need knowledge. We need to know how to easily design mazes, and we need actual building materials. If there was a kind soul with a design background that could help us Macguyver a solution for a modular and easily adaptable system to build a maze, that would be our Holy Grail.

We are two teachers - one from Hong Kong and one from the US - with backgrounds in teaching English and music.

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We will need to protect the cardboard from the elements.



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