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幫衣服變魔術 Recyclothes

We are a group of dreamers who aspire to help the environment by up-cycling clothes to reduce landfill.
陳晞嵐 - 項目發起人
幫衣服變魔術 Recyclothes

幫衣服變魔術 RecyclothesInspiration came from

(What idea inspired this project?)

Inspiration came from the clothes that we often grow out of! 
We don't know what to do with them...therefore we thought of a solution!

What social problems do you solve?

(Why is this solution innovative? Is the current method inefficient?)

It solves one of the sustainable development goals : Responsible consumption and production.

How do we start from 0 to 1

(Let everyone know how you have this idea and how to practice it。)

We got this idea by thinking about the problems we usually have in life. We are putting it into practice by collecting clothes that we do not need and making things out of it!

The challenge we encountered

(Sharing your story can make it easier for others to understand what you are doing, and let them feel the enthusiasm of you or your team for this project.)

The challenges in our project include the following:

  1. Lower grade student's inability to sew (finding alternatives to substitute sewing) 
  2. Finding materials such as zippers, buttons, velcros etc.

The resources we needed

(Introducing all the problems you have encountered and the resources you are looking for)

  1. Second hand clothes
  2. Needles and thread
  3. Zippers 
  4. Buttons
  5. Velcros
  6. People who knows how to sew to provide sewing lessons/ workshops

who are we

(Introduce yourself, your team, and other backgrounds that are relevant to you.)

We are a group of P.1-3 dreamers who are passionate about creating things using our imagination!

Our group members include: 
​​​​​​​1A 李啟玉
1A 盧永栩
1B 關頌楷
1C 黃振洋
2B 葉優
2D 謝卓軒
2E 鄺志燊
2E 陳晞嵐
2F 劉嘉慧
3A 葉禧螢
3A 劉慕澈
3B 柯民偉
3C 周馨香

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Needles and thread
Big sized needles (suitable for students)
and thread in any colour!



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