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Smart Podless

A portable and eco-friendly smart home that is easy to assemble and dissassemble.
Ezachia Ngcobo - 項目發起人
Smart Podless

Inspired by

Our group was inspired by the housing crisis in Hong Kong. The housing market is a reminder of the dire situation that some people find themselves in. Owning a home in Hong Kong is expensive, thus homelessness is often the result for those who cannot afford a place of their own.

Solve what social problem

To help with the severe issue of homelessness in Hong Kong.

How do we start from 0 to 1

Through a class discussion and research, we found that there are a number of homeless people in Hong Kong. Even though there are places for them to go, they feel That those are even worse than the streets due to a number of public health issues.

The challenge we encountered

Students were mindful of producing a home that did not require the use of bonding and building materials such as nails or hammer. They had to figure out how to make incisions on the materials provided for building, that would allow them to be able to put it together without help and with ease. 

Resources and manpower required

To build a smart home, one would need the expertise of an architect, an electrician and an engineer.

Who are we

We are a group of elementary school students from grades 3 to 5 who have a dream in solving the homeless problem in our community. 

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Smart Podless 發起人

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