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An exciting, fun app designed by kids for kids ages 4 to 104. Unearth rare treasures and loot while appreciating the true value of keeping our planet green by recycling.
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What is TreasuREcycling?

How can we turn an everyday (and sometimes boring) action into an exciting activity? Making our planet green and sustainable should be fun for everyone. That's where TreasuREcycling comes in. 

What social problems are we aiming to solve?

With an app geared towards kids, we aim to further encourage the younger generation to take their own initiative in supporting a sustainable Hong Kong

What's with the name?

TreasuREcycling is an incentive/reward based scheme that rewards its users with digital badges and gifts for reusing and recycling rubbish that would otherwise go to our landfills. All of this is conveniently done on a mobile platform to make recycling fun and convenient for the user. We hope users see the true value of keeping our planet green while collecting cool badges and redeeming gifts. Individuals who want to recycle put it in the right bin which generates a code to scan. Once scanned, kids ages 4 to 104 can reveal and upgrade their treasure: digital badges!

Take a quick look at our rough, drafted process so far: 


Who we need support from:

  1. Graphic designers

    1. We have been working hard to design cool badges, we would love help turning them into a reality
  2. Web developers and coders

    1. Basic coding will be needed for linking the action of recycling to rewarded badges that "level up"
  3. Companies with a market geared towards children

    1. We can collaborate with you to find ways to promote your company through voucher/freebies redeemed through recycling action
  4. E-Paper companies with sustainable display solutions

    1. A code is generated for each recycling attempt that individuals will scan off an e-ink display

Steps toward final prototype:

  1. Defining goals and scope

  2. Rough sketches and design

  3. Research

  4. Design

  5. Test Test Test!

  6. Build/coding

  7. Test

  8. Release 

Our little designers and coders have a lot of steps they are wanting to tackle. There has not been a day where our enthusiasm and dedication to crafting a fantastic app has dwindled. We have what it takes!

Who are we?

TreasuRE is a humble group of learners ranging from the ages of five to twenty-two. We love our planet and aim to find effective solutions to keep living on it for a while. This is our first project.


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TreasuREcycling 發起人

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