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Unplugged Video Gaming

Game in the Real World
Unplugged Video Gaming

Inspiration came from

The inspiration came from laser tag but to reduce the suggestive violence, players are given laser "screwdrivers" instead of guns.

What social problems do you solve?

(Why is this solution innovative? Is the current method inefficient?)

People are addicted to video games. This project is the spark to re-introduce people to create games that would bring people back to reality. More games will be less digital related but more real world related if this project succeeds.

How do we start from 0 to 1

(Let everyone know how you have this idea and how to practice it。)

People are getting addicted to video games and phones. This game blends a mix of traditional physical activity and technology, encourage people to play in the real world instead of the virtual world.

How to play:

Players are placed in a glass maze. Players will be wearing infrared sensitive vests and will be given "screwdrivers" that produces infrared light. Players will point and "tag" other players' vests. When tagged, the player's vest will disable the "screwdriver" temporarily. The system will record a point for every time a player tags another. There are many different variations to this game, such as capture the flag, team swapping, and upgrades etc.

The challenge we encountered

(Sharing your story can make it easier for others to understand what you are doing, and let them feel the enthusiasm of you or your team for this project.)

It is difficult to find places that has laser tag in Hong Kong. This is more popular in North America. Sometimes, places that provides the laser tag services will not have the time to brief students. Students are enthusiastic to learn how to build the infrared devices and the maze.

The resources we needed

(Introducing all the problems you have encountered and the resources you are looking for)

1. Students will need to learn how to build laser tag equipment (infrared devices, screwdriver and vests).

2. Students learn how to build a mirror maze arena

3. Circuits, sensors, soldering tools, vests, metal poles, mirrors, safety tape, lasers, tools.

who are we

(Introduce yourself, your team, and other backgrounds that are relevant to you.)

My name is James Lau and my partner is Kirk Pang. We are both Canadians and grew up playing laser tag. We would like to spread the knowledge and the experience on how fun laser tag is for our students and to spread the word about laser tag to the rest of Hong Kong.

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Laser tag builder and Arena
Circuits, sensors, soldering tools, vests, metal poles, mirrors, safety tape, lasers, glow in the dark paint, black light, for machine, bolts, nuts, laser tag equipment



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