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Zero waste vending machine

Vending machine is not a new thing, but have you tried zero waste vending machine selling snacks without package? Get your containers to enjoy our snacks!
Zhang Haishan - 項目發起人
Zero waste vending machine

What social problems do we solve?


Let's take some time to rethink about our daily consumption. Almost everything we buy comes with packages, say beauty products, grains and snacks. Once we bought it, we just throw away the package. People in Hong Kong are not aware of the products they bought. Meanwhile, people in western countries are starting to live a "zero waste lifestyle". We want to bring this concept to Hong Kong and raise people's awareness on responsible consumption and production. 

In our campus, we observe that students tend to bring packaged snacks to school. The classroom rubbish bin are filled with plastic waste just in a day. Therefore, we want to promote zero waste recess starting from our school and promote zero waste lifestyle to the community.



Since our school do not have a tuck shop and lack of manpower to sell package-free snacks, we can put a vending machine instead in our campus. We find out that there are zero-waste vending machines called "Fresh Bowl" in the US to sell fresh food in reusable containers. We want to bring this concept to the school. However it's hard for us to clean the used containers and keep them hygienic with the lack of manpower. Therefore, we may want to use the idea of the zero waste bulk food store to ask students to bring their own containers to get the snacks from the vending machine. 



How do we start from 0 to 1


The challenge we encountered


The resources we needed

1) Engineers or companies to help us make the vending machine.

2) Helpful parents to help us make healthy snacks for examples dried fruits, cookies and nuts which can be stored for a while in the vending machine.

who are we

We are students from St. Hilary's Primary School: 

4A Javan Li, 4A James So, 4B Bruce Lee, 4B Alice Leung, 4C Julie Chong, 4C Tess Chow, 4C Torres Yeung, 4C Sheryl Zhang, 5B Jaybo Cheng, 5B Isaac Man, 6A D-mak, 6A Pascal Ng, 6B Ethan Yu


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